That awkward moment when your mom writes a book about you comparing you to the spawn of Satan. For Dana White, it was last year when June White released ‘Dana White: King of MMA’, a dishy exposé that painted her son in a pretty bad light. And while that e-book came and went without much fanfare, it has apparently caused a lot of problems for June White in the form of haters who talk shit about her. Some would call this poetic justice. She sees it as illegal, and wants the CyberPolice to backtrace all the IPs:

June White, a Hampton resident and the mother of Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White, has filed a lawsuit to find out who has been smearing her name on the Internet ever since the release of a highly critical unauthorized biography she wrote about her son. June White said she is not on speaking terms with Dana White, a 43-year-old mogul with a net worth estimated at $150 million who oversees UFC, the largest mixed martial arts organization in the world.

White claims a troop of cyberbullies — with aliases such as Bootyduty3, Joe Stranger and The Real June White — have been posting “horrific” comments about her and her family for more than a year. She said she fears her son’s company is behind the attacks. “I hate to say it but it could be (UFC that’s organizing the bad-mouthing), and that’s one of the reasons I really want to find out,” White said Wednesday. “If it is, that’s pretty sad.”

UFC media representatives did not respond to a request for comment.

White said she has a few reasons to believe it’s one person or organization that has set out to smear her name. First, she said her critics, who attack her on Twitter and write scathing, personal attacks on reviews of her book on Amazon.com, always resort to “certain words and phrases that everyone used,” calling her “bitter, mentally ill, and a drunk.” She said Amazon.com has removed many of the comments at her request, but her attackers persist regardless.

In another case, “immediately after” an interview with her was posted on the Web a couple months ago, the commenters set into their usual routine of posting “nasty” remarks, she said. But this time she knew the page administrator and had him check the commenters’ email addresses.

“Someone had used four different names,” she said. “It’s all the same person.”

White said she filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in New Hampshire on April 12 because she was told that’s the only way she can get a subpoena to find out who’s behind the aliases. She’s representing herself because attorneys quoted her “well over $100,000” to carry out her suit.

So imagine this: every time June does an interview slagging her son, fans of Dana and the UFC talk shit about her! Why does this happen and what can she do to stop it?? Pardon me for seeming unsympathetic to her plight, but this is what happens when you share your opinions on the internet … others tend to share theirs right back. And if you’re a popular public figure’s mother hawking a book full of your son’s dirty laundry, well … chances are those opinions aren’t going to be too kind.

As for the UFC being ‘behind it’, that’s a pretty far fetched allegation. It’s far more likely that White has followers every bit as devoted and crazy as Beliebers, and you don’t need the backing of a multi-million dollar sports empire to be a Grade A shitheel to someone on the internet. June White proved this herself when she released that e-book.

(pic via Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY)