Remember that mystery middleweight Dana White was talking about a while ago that would have everyone freaking out? I think I know who it is. Here’s a Dana quote from the TUF 9 Inside the Octagon segment – jeez, they seem to be stuffing all sorts of easter eggs in there lately, huh?

“While [Anderson Silva] is fighting Forrest [Griffin], I’m working on some other 185 pounders. Vitor Belfort – he is a former heavyweight who moved down to 205. Now he’s at 185 pounds. He’s got great hands, he’s good on the ground, and if his head is right, he can be a vary dangerous guy. I think that would be a great match up.”

You may say this isn’t a ‘done deal’ but I figure it’s as much a done deal as possible before Vitor finishes up his contract with Affliction on August 15th. I’d like to say it’s a lock, but then again it seems like Dana White has been playing a bit fast and loose with big signings lately.