Here’s an interview Dana White gave to ESPN, which is interesting considering ESPN’s mixed martial arts section is normally handled by Dana’s mortal enemy Sherdog. One has to wonder what kind of machinations are going on behind the scene here … the UFC works hard to keep a leash on mainstream sports media … NBC and Yahoo both slurp at Zuffa’s cock. So is this one on one interview with ESPN just an interview or the UFC attempting to work around Sherdog?

Regardless, there’s a good amount of elaboration in this interview on the stuff Dana said at the post-UFC73 conference:

  • He admitted the UFC originally agreed with SpikeTV to show the Thomas/Sims fight (something originally blamed on SpikeTV).
  • They’re hard at work on Wanderlei/Chuck, making calls on it every day. This further cements my theory that Dana was just putting the squeeze on Wandy by telling people the fight wasn’t going to happen.
  • He played down the competition and said Frank Shamrock didn’t look good in his fight against Phil Baroni. Then again, he said Sean Sherk was exciting, so maybe Dana White lives in Opposite Land. He also said Tito Ortiz would crush Frank Shamrock. Hmmmmmm. Yeah. Sure. No comment there.
  • Being cheap with fighters isn’t something new. While the UFC shelled out 10 million bucks to produce The Ultimate Fighter season 1, all of the fighters were fighting for free. What’s really funny is Dana White says “I went down and gave them the Do You Want to be a Fighter speech” … proof positive that Dana White and Zach Arnold are super secret best friends who get together on Tuesdays to watch Puresuro and eat pulled pork nachos.
  • Dana says that he hopes to have Fedor by the end of the year and basically implies it’s the small stuff that’s keeping him out right now. Of course, ‘the small stuff’ could be the whole ‘Thou shalt not fight anywhere else’ thing Fedor refuses to bend on.