There’s been a lot of talk about fighter pay lately and while the simple solution to the problem would be to raise starting fighter pay up from 8k/8k to something survivable like 20k/20k, Dana White was floating the idea that the league might ditch all pay bonuses in order to cover to cost of higher guaranteed pays. It kinda came across as a threat, but now he’s saying the UFC won’t be doing it:

“At the last press conference, I talked to the press I told them we’re not doing away with the fight of the night bonuses,” White said. “After I said that, I got a lot of feedback from the fighters. The fighters want the finish bonuses. They want the finish bonuses and they want the discretionary bonuses to stay the same, so, that’s that.”

I am not surprised that fighters would rather have the generous bonus system than a completely undefined ‘higher pay’ system. When White brought it up, there was no talk about how much more fighters might be paid if the bonuses stopped flowing, so it basically sounded like bonuses were out and maybe some guys would get a base raise on their next contract. Maybe. That doesn’t sound like a reasonable compromise. That sounds like brass saying ‘So you think this is bad? Let me show you what bad really is.’