FUEL TV aired a 20 minute interview with Dana White and while you could say most interviews with Dana White are kinda about Dana White, this one was really about Dana from start to finish – his early days with the company, his relationship with Lorenzo Fertitta, his self-assessment as a promoter, and on and on. Here he is talking about his first appearance on a UFC PPV and his evolution from a skinny Boston kid to the Baldfather he is today:

Revved up and ready to go. That was really the first time that I had ever spoken on TV and now I speak at the Bill Gates CEO summit every year, I’ve spoken at all the major colleges, you think of all the different places I’ve gone to and spoke, it’s crazy.

But originally when we first bought this thing I would – before we’d do a press conference, I’d write notes. I’d be up for hours writing notes and studying everything that was going on. And a lot of people who are watching will remember this one that were there. When the UFC was getting licensed in the state of Nevada, we went before the NSAC right. And everything was all done we were just there for the hearing. And basically lawyers were handling everything. So that day one of the commissioners calls me out … and calls me up to the podium.

What the hell, this isn’t supposed to be happening. What’s going on?  So he calls me out, I walk up to the podium and they asks me a question. Today I don’t remember what the question was. And I start to respond “Zuffa LLC is a …” and that was it. I literally froze. When I say froze, they had to get a dolly to wheel up there and wheel me back to my seat. And Lorenzo goes “What the hell was that???” You have no idea, but I completely froze. And that’s never happened to me again.

Over time you learn to get more relaxed, to become better at what you do. And you get more crusty. I’m definitely a lot … nastier than I used to be.

Less nasty than before though … Dana’s teeth. Holee sheeeet:

A bunch of segments from the UFC Tonight interview after the jump.

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