If you were watching football on FOX this past Sunday you may have seen the skit where Dana White had a brief cameo as a homeless dude sitting in a cardboard box, with a big ass smile on his dirty face, holding a sign that read, “Please Help! Need Food aka booze.”

Well it seems that some people took issue with that and let him have it on Twitter. Dana, never one to shy away from a fight, swung back, with vigor.

“It’s a skit for a comedian. Pussies in this country cry about everything!!! Get a sense of humor”

You know, I got to agree with Dana here. It’s okay when something like homelessness is satirized in a movie, or in a stand-up act, but when he does it he gets vilified as irresponsible and insensitive. And I’m not someone who throws the 1st Amendment around with reckless abandon. Sure, a person can say what they want, and the secret police aren’t going to come and throw you into a cell for unpopular speech, but expression does have other consequences. Even still, it’s a little out of hand when something like this causes a ruckus.

If Dana had said, outside of an obviously comedic television sketch, that homeless people are pieces of shit that blow whatever money they can beg for on booze, that’d be a different story. It’d still be his opinion, and his right to express it, but then he’d deserve whatever negativity came his way. Context is everything, and certainly a comedic spoof deserves some latitude.

And while we’re on the topic, what’s wrong with a homeless person partaking in a drink? I think if I lived outside I’d damn well want a drink. Shit, when I give a person on the street a buck, I make sure to tell them to have a drink on me. What else they gonna buy, food? Plenty of that to be had in the dumpster behind a fine restaurant. Curtains for their box? New flatware for when company pops in? Mother fuckers live outside with rats! Have a Goddamn drink.

Once we lose the ability to use humor as its God-given function to ease the world’s plethora of ugly shit then we’re in the final stages of societal collapse.