Dana White has been having some trouble with Menieres Disease for the past year – an inner ear condition that causes vertigo and nausea. It cost him his 11 year Ripken-esque ironman streak of never missing a UFC event in May, and since then he’s been chomping at the bit to let a surgeon hack into his ear and cut the nerve that’s causing the problems.

Yesterday was the day he finally got the surgery and if you had any doubts that videoblog staple Nick the Tooth is Dana’s new BFF, the fucking guy was right next to the UFC prez through the entire operation, presumably holding his hand and making soothing reassuring noises like a good boyfriend should.

Now all that’s left to do is … uh … to relearn how to walk. And hope that the ‘partial’ hearing loss caused by the operation wasn’t too significant. Fingers crossed it actually fixes the Menieres symptoms too – there’s no guarantee that it will even though the operation was successful. Good luck, Dana! Get well soon!

Feel the bromance