The only thing worse than ’10 most whatever whatever’ lists are the ‘100 most whatever whatever’ lists. At least a Top 10 list has a bit of quality control. At 100, you’re just throwing whatever shit you can think up at the wall because that’s a lot of slots to fill and lunch ain’t gonna eat itself. So it is with GQ’s ‘100 Most Powerful Bald Men’ list, which has Dana White at 83, sandwiched between rapper Birdman and not-actually-bald rich dude Mort Zuckerman.

Hey, that ain’t too bad, Dana! You’re ahead of Karl Rove (85), Hulk Hogan (92), Mini Me from Austin Powers (93), and Lord Voldemort (95). If nothing else goes right today, you can revel in the honor of being part of such a prestigious and well thought out list.

(via Bleacher Report)