(Dana wearing the official uniform of the Boston Townies)

As a Canadian, I find it pretty fuckered up that you can be hanging out at the finish line of a marathon one day and then legless and hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt the next. But that’s exactly what happened to Jeff Bauman, the gentleman who lost both his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing. Even identifying the bomber the moment he regained consciousness wasn’t enough to earn him any medical freebies, so he has turned to the internet to help raise the half million dollars it costs to recover from this kind of thing.

That’s going pretty well for him, but I doubt the internet is gonna be able to take care of all 150 plus victims. Which is why it’s nice to hear that Dana White is gonna help out financially too.

“I have a hard time talking about this in public because if I really do talk about it, I’m going to come off like a psycho,” said White. “I’ve really limited talking about it, but I’m going to Boston on Saturday. After [UFC 159], I’m jumping on a plane and flying to Boston, and I’m actually going to go visit some people that were affected by this horrible event.”

“The story that gets me is the mother that was crossing the finish line and the 8-year-old that was killed and the 6-year-old that lost her leg by a couple of f—ing cowards.”

“I’m going to go to Boston and write some checks. I don’t even know how I’m going to do it or what I’m going to do, but I’m going. I want to go. I’m going next weekend.”

That’s right, bitches: DANA WHITE IS GONNA MAKE IT RAIN! And unlike many douchebag sports figures, it ain’t gonna be in a strip club. Nope, he’s gonna use that money to help out victims of the Boston marathon bombing.