Chan Sung Jung’s 7 second knockout of Mark Hominick has flared up an old debate on who actually scored the fastest knockout in UFC history. Officially, Jung’s KO ties Todd Duffee’s knockout of Tim Hague at UFC 102 for the fastest knockout. But back in 2006 Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig knocked Jonathan Goulet out in 4 seconds. Unfortunately for him, the timekeeper wasn’t quite so quick and marked the fight ending at 0:11 seconds.

Ludwig filed a complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to get things fixed, which has got him absolutely nowhere. But now it sounds like he may have a new ally in the fight. From an interview Ariel Helwani had with Dana White:

DW: To be honest with you, I don’t know all the details on that. What are the details, do you know?

AH: Basically he was out and they stopped it late with timing and whatnot and it should have been a 4 second KO.

DW: Yeah? So you’ve timed it and you know it’s 4 seconds.

AH: Me and the rest of the MMA community. I know Duane has timed it many times

DW: So it was 4 seconds? Everyone timed it and it was 4 seconds?

AH: Unofficially, but officially it’s longer than that.

DW: Then I’ll see what I can do. I’m on it.

Kinda sounds like the UFC knew about it but just erred on the side of Bang being full of shit. But when figuring out if a guy is in the right or wrong is as simple as taking out a stopwatch and spending 4 seconds watching a fight, you’d think someone would have bothered to look into it by now.