Considering his reaction to the departures of Randy Couture and Cris Cyborg, you might expect Dana White to do his typical ‘Everyone outside the UFC is a worthless piece of trash’ routine with Josh Barnett too. After all, he already has so much material from the past! “Fuck Josh Barnett”, “Josh Barnett is bad for the sport”, and “All the shit that comes out of his mouth is stupid” are all prior hits, and I was expecting them to make it back into his repertoire of smack whenever the Warmaster’s name came up. But instead…

“It’s up to him [to sign with with the UFC],” he said. “He’s a big boy. He’s been around a long time. He kind of flies by the seat of his pants, anyway. I mean, even after he won the [UFC] title, imagine if Josh Barnett stayed in the UFC his whole career, what he could have accomplished, the money he could have made, and all the things that could have happened. But he’s his own guy, he wants to do his own thing. I got no problem with that.”

“I know there’s an offer on the table for him,” White said. “If he wants to take it, it’s been offered. And if not, he’s always been his own guy, anyway.”

Well dayum, that’s a downright mature response from someone currently treating Randy Couture like some sort of sub-human creature culled from the fecal bacteria of Hitler’s corpse. Is this because Dana still hopes Josh may come into the fold? Or because he doesn’t consider the guy a threat to his organization given the current heavyweight landscape? Perhaps a bit from column A, a bit from column B. But I fully expect this game of nicey-nicey to break down within the next 9 months, thus returning balance to The Force and the universe to its natural state.