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If you’re a regular reader of this blog (and why wouldn’t you be, we are teh awesomes) you’ll know all about the Culinary Union’s campaign to fuck with the UFC’s shit any chance they get. But apparently it goes deeper than the stuff we see. Watch Dana White sputter in anger as he tries to describe their attempts to keep the UFC out of New York:

We’re working on it. It’s amazing what … dirty stinking gangsters this Culinary Union from Las Vegas is. They are the scummiest group of people you could ever even imagine dealing with. And they’re very powerful. The corruption that’s going on over there is mind boggling. Mind boggling what dirty gangster corruption is going on between New York and the Las Vegas Culinary Union. It just … you would never even think that this would be possible in 2013. It’s like a movie.

Bullying? We’re talking dirty sleazy gangster stuff. It’s not even about bullying. We’re in the business. Bullying doesn’t bother you. This is dirty slimy grimey … I mean I’m talking gangster – you would never imagine that this could happen in the government in this country in 2013. The Las Vegas Culinary Union are dirty dirty gangsters. And New York, the politicians in New York are right in it.

Madison Square Garden has been phenomenal in supporting us and bringing this event to New York. The fans in New York have been phenomenal in supporting us and bringing this thing to New York. There’s no reason that this should not be in New York other than the dirty gangsters – criminal stuff that’s going on between the Las Vegas Culinary Union and officials in New York.

I don’t know if Dana’s anger means there’s a better or worse chance of the UFC making it into New York by the time November rolls around – the date they’re trying to set for their 20th anniversary show. The Culinary Union is obviously still throwing every wrench they can find into the UFC’s gears and while they haven’t been very successful thus far, they’ve still got enough pull in the political world to stall out MMA regulation in the New York assembly.