Hold your intricately carved Delecarlian horses, people (that’s a Swedish thing). Maybe it’s not time to cross Gustafsson vs Mousasi off the UFC on FUEL 9 card after all. While it has become common knowledge that Alexander Gustafsson has suffered a bad cut above his eye, Ariel Helwani reports…


This is an interesting situation because typically a fight is screwed the second a fighter gets stitches – see Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo for an example of that in action. Any commission worth its salt isn’t going to let someone get in the cage with a facial tear. But perhaps the Swedish commission used all it’s salt on Surströmming (another Swedish thing, yes we’re doing that). Or maybe Gustafsson is gonna have the stitches removed before the fight, and maybe the cut is minor enough that even with it semi-gaping open that they’ll still allow the fight.

Or maybe Dana is giving us some of that same overconfident bluster we heard when Jeremy Stephens was totally going to be released from jail in time for his fight with Yves Edwards. Meanwhile, I am both excited and semi-horrified that they may get away with letting a guy with a serious cut on his face fight.