Yahoo! News reports that Mayhem was cut because of what sounds like homophobia:

“When you get embarrassed the way he did against Michael Bisping, then you show up in that pink whatever that thing was, I’m not into that stuff,” said White. “It’s not my thing. I guess I don’t really care if guys do it because you see it at weigh-ins all the time. Just take this thing serious. If you want to be a clown do that stuff on your reality show.”

A little birdy made a good point about this:

“By ‘not your thing’ do you mean ‘I dont take cock up the ass’ not my thing or ‘I hate the color pink because queers use it’ not my thing?”

Fire a guy because he sucks or his junk popped out of his Speedo or he beats the shit out of his wife. Don’t fire a guy for dressing up in a goofy costume to entertain people when you let so many other fighters do the same. I’m pretty sure Dana didn’t actually fire him because he hates the gays but it is a little suspect.