When hackers took down UFC.com last week in retaliation for the UFC’s support of SOPA, Dana White didn’t exactly help smooth things over with his response to the attack. White has had a long history of talking tough about piracy, eagerly awaiting the day the government starts ‘literally going to people’s homes and taking them to jail’ if they don’t stop all the downloading.

This time he responded to the hack on twitter by constructing well thought out ideas that encapsulated all sides of a complicated issue in 140 characters. Ha, just kidding. He said he ‘didn’t give a sh*t’, he ‘wasn’t in the internet business’ and told people who were concerned about their credit card info being stolen ‘them don’t buy it on line.’ Someone get this guy a customer relations award!

The UFC followed this up with a slightly more formal press release:

“On Sunday, January 22nd, the UFC.com website was redirected by a criminal hacker to another website,” a statement provided to MMA Fighting read. “The UFC website was quickly restored to the control of the UFC, and there is no evidence suggesting that any confidential information belonging to the company or its customers was compromised by the re-direction of the website. UFC representatives are continuing to investigate the matter and are working with law enforcement agents to prosecute those involved.”

If the hackers didn’t get at customer info or inject a virus into visiting computers via a flash or java vulnerability, then in a way Dana White is right: who does give a sh*t? All this DDOSing of websites that’s been going on is tantamount to sticking gum in the lock of a door and proclaiming you brought the businesses inside down. Nope. You made a public website not load for several hours. Whoop dee doo. Defacing a webpage is cool I guess, but it’s not the same as cracking it open and scooping out all the code and confidential information inside.

That possibility is why it’s probably not a great idea to encourage the hacker community to come at you, bro. At today’s UFC on FOX 2 press conference, White challenged hackers to attack UFC.com again, saying it would “make them look like terrorists. Knock it down again tonight. Do it. I could care less.”

Good response or GREATEST response? As someone who’s given UFC.com my personal info and credit card information, I’d say GREATEST.