Dana White details his trip to Beantown in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing:

“Yeah, I brought checks and I got money,” White said. “The UFC donated, I donated personally, the Fertitta brothers [who own UFC] donated personally, and Fox donated. I was really happy about that.”

In addition to making donations to those affected and the One Fund, White had hoped to meet with some of the bombing victims face to face. However, after looking into the situation, the UFC president decided to take a subtler approach.

“People are still hurting,” said White. “When I say that, I don’t mean physically. People still need time. I got money that we are donating for people, but I’m backing off on the whole meeting people. Even Mayor Menino is still visiting families.

“People are really emotionally trying to deal with what’s going on, so I backed off a bit.”

Always nice when a person knows when to get out of the way and just let the good deeds do the talking.

(pic by Joe Camporeale via USA Today)