JoshTheGod, one of the hackers responsible for last year’s hacking and various other CYBER-TERRORISMS against Dana White, has been taken down in an unrelated FBI sting:

It turns out Mir Islam, as he goes by in the real world, was involved in a credit card fraud scheme that fell victim to a two-year FBI sting dubbed Operation Card Shop. According to the New York Times, Islam “sold stolen credit card information and had data on 50,000 credit card accounts,” and was among 24 individuals arrested yesterday by the federal sting, which spanned thirteen different countries. The hacker reportedly met the end of the line after “buying cards from an undercover agent and trying to use one at an A.T.M. on Eighth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, a column from Dana White appeared on today boasting about how he ‘told Anonymous to kiss my ass’:

You should have seen the kind of tweets their Twitter followers were sending me. All these mysterious threats, like, “We’re watching you” and “We can find you.” I told them, Come find me, you f—in’ nerds. Here’s my hotel. I’m in Chicago. Come find me.

It was a Twitter war for days. And that’s when it gets fun. You get these guys engaged, you get ’em going, and that’s when you get the FBI involved. Because there’s so much piracy of UFC merchandise, the FBI was already monitoring everything that was happening. But after Anonymous hacked our site, we also got U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the Department of Homeland Security, involved. And it helps when they know when and where the hackers are going to attack. So I put my chin out there, and we knew they were gonna punch it. Two weeks after they attacked me, a lot of them started getting busted. I think we contributed to that.

I stood up to these guys and challenged them when nobody else would. I’ve got no problem telling anybody in the world that this is how it went down. Yeah, they leaked some info and dropped our website for a couple of days, but I’m not gonna back down to these Internet bullies.

Not mentioned is still at large 13-year old hacker S3rver.exe, who claimed his follow-up hack (you know, the one Dana dared hackers to try) on netted him customer credit card numbers, which ‘he will post to the torrent site PirateBay if there is further provocation from White.’

In other UFC vs the Internet news, the UFC has officially set off on it’s quest to sue fans who stream events. They filed a lawsuit earlier this month against 13 people, who at the moment are identified only by their IP addresses. They are accused of streaming UFC 130, UFC 131, or both. I wonder if the judge will buy a “But UFC 130 wasn’t worth paying for!” defense?