You never hear Dana White talking about making a male fighter drop weight if they’re not comfortable doing it. But when it comes to Cris Cyborg he is not only insisting on it, he’s got a dietician lined up.

“She can get to this weight, we have an expert who can help you lose weight in a healthy way, it does so with all our athletes. We have Mike Dolce, who has the system to do wrestlers lose weight and still feel good, and it’s all about your diet. He is 100% ready to work with her and will not cost anything to Cris. If she wants to fight in the UFC she’ll have to fight at 135 pounds.”

It is a bit of a unique situation … 135 is the only women’s division the UFC has, so it’s not like Dana White is just being a meanie and calling Cyborg too fat. Last time I checked, even Brock Lesnar had to get himself down under 265 pounds to fight for the UFC too. So for Dana White, this is him being nice. This is him doing everything he can to facilitate the biggest fight in women’s MMA history. Well, everything other than being open to a catchweight.