Following UFC 162, Dana White had some good news to share with the media regarding Nick Diaz and his ‘retirement’:

“He said he broke up with his girlfriend, wants to fight, ‘Dana get me a fight,'” White said of their recent exchange.

“Nick Diaz is under contract with the UFC,” White said. “Whenever Nick Diaz wants a fight, I’m more than happy to get him a fight.”

Awesome, great news! Get that man a fight, stat. Preferably against someone who’ll stand toe to toe and actually engage. Not for his sake (although yeah it’d obviously help), but for the fans.

This is where the story would normally end, but White had to share a funny Nick Diaz tale:

“Nick Diaz called me the other night and said, ‘All the hotels are sold out in Las Vegas. I need a hotel room,'” White said. “I said, ‘No problem, kid. I got you.’ I got him a hotel room and got it all set up. And he never f—ing showed up.”

“He’s the best,” White said with a laugh. “Now I’m starting to think he’s just f–ing with me.”

Oh that wacky Nick Diaz never shows up for ANYTHING! That totally fits our preconceived notions about the guy, which is why it’s pretty shocking that the story is completely false. Reddit user rssoldier gives us the real skinny:

This story is hilarious because it’s 100000% not true. Nick was at the Mandalay Bay, where they set up a room for him. Prior to Wednesday, he was staying down near the Stratosphere. He moved to Mandalay Bay, and there are plenty of us who saw and interacted with him during the week.

And he stayed through the fights and went to the MMA Inc. after-party at the pool.

I don’t know why Dana would say this stuff. Perhaps he thinks it’s funny or adds to Nick’s legend. But I can see why Nick gets upset.

Lest you think I’m being a little Sunday Morning Rumor Mill trusting some rando on Reddit, legit MMA journo Jeremy Botter also confirms the Diaz was indeed at the pretty cool sounding MMA Inc pool party. Was this a legit misunderstanding or is Dana White selling wolf tickets to the ‘Nick Diaz is crazy’ show? This may not even be the first time White has done it – remember when he accused Nick of ducking their Countdown crew and Nick’s lawyer lapdog wrote one of his strongly worded letters denying everything? My God, how many times has the crazy pothead actually been in the right on this stuff?