If you were wondering how Dana White felt about the ESPN E:60 segment on him, the basic gist of it was that he hated it. I suppose he ignored the part that focused on the camera masturbating him while heavy metal guitars popped boners in the background and instead focused on the 2 minutes of screentime with Pat Miletich, Tito Ortiz, and Bob Reilly. You can read all about it in this Boston Herald interview, but one thing that kinda jumped out at me was Dana’s response to accusations that the UFC didn’t pay for Tito Ortiz’s back surgery:

Ortiz’ comments truly got White’s blood boiling. The two were once close, but began feuding late in Ortiz’ UFC career. Their relationship came to an ugly end a year ago, with Ortiz claiming the UFC refused to pay $7,000 for surgery to repair a back injury he sustained while fighting in the UFC.

“We didn’t not pay for his (surgery),” White said. “The insurance company denied his claim because that (expletive) monkey gets out there and starts saying after the fight is over, ‘I was injured before this fight. That’s why I looked like (expletive).’ He’s always had an excuse for why he’s losing. Because he said he hurt his back before the fight, the insurance company said, ‘We heard you say you were injured before the fight and we’re not going to cover your claim.’ “

Now obviously because it’s Tito we can all just laugh, high five each other and move on with life. But this is a pretty clear case of spin … Tito’s back wasn’t fucked because he fell off his roof installing a satellite dish. He fucked it fighting for the UFC.

Since an extra $7000 in his pocket would probably just mean another retarded watch on his wrist or solid gold butt plug for his girlfriend, I’m not going to weep for poor Tito Ortiz. But it does kinda suck that if you sustain a long term injury in the cage and don’t claim it immediately, you’re liable to end up going uncovered by the UFC. And maybe Dana will do something about it and maybe he won’t. I guess it depends on how much he likes you.

Ironically enough, right after the quote from above, Dana complained that no one ever talks about his humanitarian award.