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A lot of posts around the internet today are gonna be Dana White quotes. He’s out there spittin solid news morsels left and right in preperation for this Saturday’s UFC on FOX card, including this lil update on the big Anderson Silva vs X superfight the UFC is determined to have in November:

“I am literally going to call Georges St-Pierre today and I’m gonna see what he wants to do,” said White at a UFC on Fox 7 media scrum in San Jose, Calif., on Thursday. “If Jones beats (Sonnen), then we gotta wait for Anderson. Anderson’s gotta beat Weidman.”

“If Georges says to me, ‘I want to fight Anderson Silva,’ do you think I’m gonna go, ‘No you’re not, you’re fighting Johny Hendricks?’” posited White.

“If (St-Pierre) lost that fight, he’d still be 170 (champion); he’d go down and fight Hendricks for the title.”

“I’m just feeling him out. I’m calling up saying, ‘So, you had a long time off. You had a vacation. So what’s up? What are you thinking about?’”

While GSP could certainly answer the phone and decide out of the blue that yes, Anderson Silva in November is the fight that he wants, it would be pretty shocking. Rather than carefully preparing for the biggest fight of his life, St Pierre is filming a movie and promoting a book. Georges’ coach has said Anderson would probably be Georges’ last fight. Georges has said he’s not planning on retiring any time in the immediate future. So once again we have a situation where Georges isn’t saying no, but it’s probably a no regardless.