How did Dana White dull the pain of yet another big fight going bust? By getting sloppy all over Olivia Munn and twitter. Some highlights from the evening (which included the above picture):

“D. Contreras @SanandDan
@danawhite @oliviamunn your both red!”

“Dana White @danawhite
@SanandDan @oliviamunn alcohol  ”

“Marco Di Meo @DiMeo19
@danawhite are you hammered right now?”

“Dana White  @danawhite
@DiMeo19 yup”

“Daniel Humire @dhumire
@danawhite @oliviamunn lol dana is so f*cked up right now. He drowning his ufc 146 sorrows.”

“Dana White @danawhite
@dhumire @oliviamunn true”

“oliviamunn @oliviamunn
@danawhite Good news! Tests results came back POSITIVE on our best friendship!!!”

“oliviamunn @oliviamunn
@danawhite dude, this pic makes it look like I’m breast-feeding you. Its misleading, I admit… Ur my big brother & I love you.”

Well played on the steroid joke, Munn. Well played.