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The big E3 gaming expo is on and it’s a big year, with both Microsoft and Sony sharing tons of new info on their next generation consoles. Microsoft is generally trying to pretend all the awful DRM / rights management / online requirement controversies don’t exist by focusing on a big list of primo games. One of those games is going to be EA UFC, and the UFC sent Dana White, Jon Jones, and Benson Henderson to the big EA press conference to gush about the thing.

These big presentation things are always kinda awkward – it’s all corporate dopes reciting over-rehearsed selling points to a crowd that either doesn’t know when it’s supposed to applaud or is just so worn out from constantly being expected to do so that they’re not playing along any more. Dana White channels a little Joe Rogan with his ‘UFC is universal’ bit, Jon Jones shows off his amazing public speaking skills, and Benson Henderson dodges the Pettis kick in a bit of revisionist history that just confirms we all now live in George Orwell’s 1984.

The release date for EA UFC: Spring 2014. And it comes on the new XBox AND the Playstation 4. Which is good because going back to that 1984 shit, I’m kinda creeped out about the XBox having a camera that always needs to be plugged in.