The Dan Severn show continues to tour across North America, featuring a 53 year old Severn beating up inexperienced noobs and journeymen way past their best before date. Hey, the fact that the old man is still fighting at all is impressive enough, so I don’t give him flack for consistently fighting scrubs. I consider it an interesting way for a fighter to be put out to pasture.

But not so okay is competing in fixed fights, which Severn has also been accused of. Here’s Dan talking to Cagepotato about that:

DAN SEVERN: I’ve certainly been approached about being involved in an MMA “work.” I also have matches that people have called “works” for a variety of reasons, that weren’t at all. Sometimes I’ve toyed with my opponents instead of just going for the kill, which has maybe looked a little suspect. I’ve been involved with promotions in which I would carry an opponent into the second round before finishing them because it would make a better show. Now those were situations I decided on my own; my opponent had no idea that was happening. I’ve also had opponents hug me at the end of a match to thank me for not killing them. Sometimes when you outclass your opponent, there is a way to win that might not fit with what the viewer expects but it saves your opponent some embarrassment and makes for a better show.

So what do you think, jackals? Does that explanation pass the sniff test or is Severn full of shit?

(pic via the oh so entertaining ‘MMA Hipster’ thread at Sherdog)