Drug testing info is back from UFC 161 and not only did everyone pass, but no one was on TRT! Depending on how you interpret that information, this means either Dan Henderson decided to go off his doctor prescribed testosterone treatment for this bout or was denied the right to take it by the Winnipeg commission. Bleacher Report’s Damon Martin looked into it:

A follow-up message was sent to the Manitoba commission on Tuesday asking for clarification about Henderson because he has openly discussed his use of TRT and received TUEs several times in the past.

“We are not able to comment on specific individuals medical information at this time due to Provincial Privacy Legislation,” commission representative Joel Fingard told Bleacher Report via email. “I believe we indicated no TUE’s were granted for any fighters on UFC 161.”

Henderson has not commented on the situation or made a statement as to whether or not he discontinued his use of TRT before the fight or if there was some kind of clerical mistake by the commission for this fight card.

All of a sudden, those observations that Hendo looked old during his last fight take extra meaning. And this is probably something we’re going to see a lot more of: some commissions granting therapeutic use exemptions and others saying no fucking way, at least when it comes to testosterone.

It also gives us a glimpse into the future of Vitor Belfort, who has spent the last two years fighting in TRT friendly regions like Brazil and Ontario. The only question I have now: if the UFC asks him to fight in a place that doesn’t allow it, will he agree to fight there or cite medical issues and refuse?