Dan Henderson is suing MMA Authentics / Cage Fighter for fucking him over on moneys. I’m not gonna quote anything from the Sherdog article regarding this because it’s a sordid tale of branded shirts, hats not worn, and other crap.

Here’s how it works: a company agrees to a very specific contract and then if ANYTHING goes wrong they use it as an excuse to weasel out of their agreement and not pay the fighter. Your cornermen were too slow unrolling that banner? No money. The logo was 1 inch smaller than it should have been on your shirt. No money. We thought your bout was gonna be the swing bout. No money. You fucking lost! No money!

There are tons and tons of fly by night guys attaching themselves to MMA right now so it shouldn’t be surprising that fighters get fucked over by sponsors on a regular basis. Even the ‘solid’ companies fuck people over – according to Travis Lutter, he and Matt Serra never got that $30,000 they were supposed to get from Xyience from winning The Ultimate Fighter. Nice of the UFC to take care of that, especially considering they did kinda swallow the company and sell it off for a few million bucks.

A lot of these companies rely on the fact that fighters don’t have the cash to come after them with lawyers. Too bad most fighters don’t realize the best way to hit these guys is by publically ripping them a new one. Unless these guys are tight with your promotion and then you just might end up fucked over AND unemployed. Being a fighter is awesome, huh?