Following the strategy of using speech to get title shots that he publicly mocked when it was announced his buddy Chael Sonnen would be getting the next crack at Jon Jones, Dan Henderson took a swipe at the champion in his New Years Twitter message:

The dig, of course, was a reference to Jones’ drunken accident last summer where he crashed his Bentley into a pole and was subsequently charged with a DWI.

Jones, finally realizing that he failed miserably at the “Yo Mama” adolescent playground battles and just isn’t very good at verbal judo, chose to acknowledge the dig but played it down by not really issuing much of a response other than a stale jab at Dan’s advanced age:

Kind of a weak exchange, but Dan is really just letting Jones know he still has him in his sights. If Henderson can get by Machida at UFC 157 – no easy task – then he would likely be next in line for a shot. That is if Daniel Cormier doesn’t start cutting out the crawfish etouffee and decides to drop to 205 in the wake of his teammate, Cain Velasquez’s demolition of Junior Dos Santos.

Personally, if Dan wins I’d love to see him get his shot. The old guy isn’t going to around forever, and it’d be nice to see him get a crack at UFC gold before he calls it quits.