When posting on the Underground forums, there’s always a decent chance that whatever shit your slinging will get read by the person you’re slinging said shit at. When some guy posted this about Dan Henderson:

“You SHOULD have to earn a shot at Anderson. You SHOULD have to beat Chael or Mousasi FIRST. But we all know that will not happen….We all already know that [Dana White] will “give” it to you on a silver platter,” the post continued.

Dan Henderson up and replied with the following rant:

“The difference between you and me is that while you sit at your computer and make ignorant statements while hiding behind an anonymous screen name, I am willing to test myself against the toughest fighters in the world, in front of hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans, over and over again,” he wrote.

“Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I always come to fight. I’ve been doing this for the past fourteen years, and I have at least a few more strong years left in me. What have you done in the past fourteen years other than act like a moron on this forum and hang on Anderson’s nuts?

“Tell me where you work so I can come watch, and whenever you have a bad day I’ll demand that you get fired with no opportunity to redeem yourself. Sound fair?”

“I’ve gone 6-1 since the Anderson fight, with wins in three weight classes against world-class competition. Considering my recent success along with my career accomplishments, I think I’ve pretty much earned the right to call out anyone in the world–and I believe I’ve demonstrated over the course of my career that I have a better than average chance of beating whomever it is I choose to call out,” he explained.

“Whether you like it or not, Anderson and his management have done their best to avoid a rematch. I think I’ve proven myself worthy to face him again, and if he believes I’m such an easy fight, why not take the payday?

“I would not have left the UFC if it wasn’t obvious that Anderson was avoiding a second fight, and he’s doing it again.”

Anderson ducking Henderson, huh? Sounds legit…