Dan Henderson is next up for light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. And while we’re probably going to avoid an entire mountain of manufactured controversy for this one (thank God), that doesn’t mean we won’t get a little. After basically being prodded to provide a soundbyte on why some fans don’t like Jon Jones, Hendo had this to say:

“I don’t know, I think it all has to do with him being genuine. The fans sense when you are and you are not. I’m pretty much who I am all the time. I don’t know if they get that impression from him. Not really, (if he gets the same impression from him) he was a little better after his fight with Rashad than he has been in the past, but I have not gotten that impression from him, no. His whole attitude, it’s not completely not genuine, but I think that is what the fans are turned off by. I don’t know him personally, so I can’t say if it’s genuine or not, it’s just the impression that I think that is what the fans get.”

Jon may have low levels of genuine, but only compared to Hendo – Dan comes off more authentic than a pair of Levi’s jeans with a tattered American flag patch on the butt. He’s the kind of dude every spit-chewing, hay bale tossing mofo across the midwest could see themselves having a beer with. He’s so genuine I wonder whether he gets injections of the stuff. As for that Jon Jones character … I bet he doesn’t even drink beer! And he says stuff like this:

“I definitely don’t consider myself Muhammad Ali,” Jones said. “I thought Muhammad Ali had many flaws in the person that he was.”

If Muhammad Ali is a flawed individual, what does that make you? A fleck of sh*t on the rim of the toilet bowl, that’s what. Are you gonna cheer for someone who thinks that way about you?