It’s been a bit of a slow start to the year, but things are about to pick up with this weekend’s UFC 142. Soon the events will blur together to the point where it’s suddenly UFC 155 and you’ve accomplished nothing with your life! NOTHING!!! Until then, we’ll have to make do with more stories about fighter relatives stirring the pot. After Keith Jardine’s mom and Ronda Rousey’s mom comes Dan Hardy’s dad, who still sounds sore about the laying Anthony Johnson put on his son. Here’s what he tweeted after the UFC put up a video promoting Rumble’s fight against Vitor Belfort this Saturday:

I guess Mark is still upset that Anthony said he was gonna stand and bang, then didn’t. Psych! I’m not the only one who found it interesting that Hardy Senior was still pissed. Here’s Rumble responding:

@Mark_Hardy4 you are such a bitch. Who the fuck still complains after damn near of there son losing? Damn how many fights has he lost n a row? This is a tough sport live and learn. Stfu u fuckin cry. I like dan but U r the most sensitive lil bitch 4 a dad/man. Grow a set dude.

@Mark_Hardy4 for some1 who son lost 4 fights in a row u need 2 focus on dan instead of worrying about me. I like dan he’s a fighter shit happens no1 is perfect but since you wanna start running ur mouth. Ill get dirty wit u. When was the last time dan won a round since his loss 2 GSP? Once again no disrespect 2 dan. This is directed 2 u cuz u talk 2 fuckin much 4 no reason.

Back to Dan Hardy’s papa:

Haha look at the size of that hamburger. It’s gigantic! And the guy is so fat. Burn, Rumble. Burn.