Dan Hardy doesn’t seem to have much on the ground other than tenacity and a futile faith in the power of kimuras. You’d think after the latest smothering due to these tactics, he’d be talking about slipping into a singlet and training out in Ohio or something. Instead, he’s hoping some twitter heat will allow him to take on someone less likely to rape him in one of his giant holes:

Feeling very frustrated today. No excuses, sometimes you just dont win. I hate having boring fights though.

I want to fight again. I feel like Ive been robbed of the reward at the end of training camp.

An oldschool shootout with a guy that wants to throw down. Screw the rankings, records are for DJs.

Win in a blaze of glory or go out on my shield. Someone like Mr Lytle…

A 36 year old who likes firefights and has a habit of winning FOTN isn’t too shabby of a target. Chris Lytle was complaining about falling apart due to injuries after the Brian Pube-Chest Ebersole loss, but was still saying he might be back this summer. Sounds like two guys who’d rather not deal with their problems. If I didn’t want to see Hardy get crushed by wrestlers over and over till he smartens up and does something about it, I’d say it’s almost a perfect fit.