Dan Hardy recently spoke with Bloody Elbow regarding the recent discovery that he has a fucked up heart condition that may kill his fight career. Surprisingly, he’s not being all “Shit! Fuck! Fucking fuck! Bloody crumpet!” about the whole thing. Check out these amazingly level headed responses to the whole thing:

It’s taken me to get to this point, where I’m living with health as a main priority. I am in the best shape of my life, and everything is starting to fall into place. I don’t know … maybe my journey through martial arts was to get me to this stage, where I can approach whatever comes next. I’m certainly feeling like it’s a prod from the universe to kind of reassess and look at where I’m at, because I know there are a lot of things I want to do in my life as well, so this might be a good sign to refocus and do something different, perhaps.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t want to think for a second that I’m done fighting, because I still love training and fighting. At the same time, I also feel that there are lots of other things that I should be doing, things that I should be concentrating on in different areas of my life.

The problem with fighting, particularly with the pace and level that I have been, you don’t have time for anything else. It dominates your whole life. It’s very difficult to step away for a week and just focus on something else. Always in the back of your mind, you’ve got thoughts of the next fight. It’s a constant preoccupation, and I really want to start to look at other things in my life, as well.

What it comes down to, though, is what the UFC is going to have to say on it. I certainly don’t know where the UFC stands on using me to fight in other states, because obviously now, this will be on my medical record. I’ve got a wolf heart, and now everybody knows it [laughs].

It probably helps that Hardy has spent the last two years on the edge of getting fired from the UFC – something that any fighter will tell you puts you in a slightly retrospective mindset to begin with. It could have been another loss that retired him … instead it’s this strange double heartbeat thing. What does it mean??? No, for real. What does it mean? After the jump, Dan talks in layman’s terms about what the condition in. The shitty part? He’s probably had it his whole career and it has never caused him any problems. Now that it’s known to the commissions, though, it may mean game over for his fighting career.

Usually, when people have this, they have one, main heartbeat, and then they have two or three weaker electrical connections that are kind of sporadic. Sometimes it can cause a panic attack or palpitations.

The problem with me, is that I have my main heartbeat, then I have the secondary heartbeat, which is almost as strong as the main one. It’s kind of an odd situation. They might be able to go in and fix it, by burning it out, but if it’s too close to the main heartbeat, they can’t touch it. I’m very much of the opinion, ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’

I’m doing hard training sessions every day, I’ve gone to Peru to drink psychadelic brews, I get eight hour’s worth of tattooing done. You know what I mean? I’m doing all these extreme things, and I’ve never had a bad reaction, so why would I want someone to go in and start messing with stuff? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I think it might be an evolutionary enhancement [laughs]. Who’s to say it’s a bad thing? It’s quite an interesting circumstance, and that was the point in the stress test that had me do. They had me hooked up to a machine and running on a treadmill like a little hamster. I finished the test in 18 minutes.

What they were hoping to see, is if my regular heartbeat would raise with the stress of the exercise. If the secondary heartbeat didn’t really react too much, it would mean it’s not as strong. My heart rate maxed out at 192, and my secondary heartbeat was at 171 [laughs]. I always knew I was special.

Lots of good things are coming. It’s kind of a personal thing, much more of a spiritual journey, I guess. Lots of odd synchronicities have been happening recently, and I’ve had a lot of power days. I’ve been out meditating in the desert, swimming in the lake, doing a lot of yoga and cleansing my body. I just feel very sharp and sensitive, at the moment. There’s a lot more in store for me, and I’m ready for it.

Wow, that’s a much better response than I’d have if my six figure a year career just got exploded out of the blue. Meditating in the desert = drunkenly crying in a sand pile behind the Home Depot. Swimming in the lake = lying in my own pee. Cleansing my body = cleansing my body. Out every orifice so I can drink more. Congrats to Dan Hardy for being so zen about it. May the universe reward his calm with some sort of resolution to this bullshit.