(Two hot chicks and the rotting corpse of Matt Lindland, which was dragged out of a river and stuffed in a gino shirt for the UFC81 afterparty)

IFL ‘teams up’ with HDNet
Is it a good thing when you go from a shitty network channel no one watches to a small specialty cable channel no one watches? To me, I’m happy because this means I get to watch the IFL live (which makes it tolerable) and in High Def (which is fucking sweet). But was this deal worth anything or did the IFL give it away for free again?

Jason MacDonald signs on for 4 more
Jason was pretty unhappy being stuck rematching Joe Doerkson at UFC83, but at least now he’s got a new 4 fight contract and some security. Of course, the UFC routintely cancels their contracts and cuts fighters free if they lose. So I guess that’s not really very much security.

Crazy Rich Bergeron puts together crazy youtube video
Remember that dude who’s been on a tear for years trying to bring Xyience down? Xyience sued him for millions of dollars. And then other stuff happened. I don’t know, it still doesn’t make much sense. But Rich Bergeron made a youtube video of it, which still doesn’t make sense. Maybe if you do a whackload of angel dust, it might. Worth a shot. I mean, who needs an excuse to do some high grade PCP? Not Rich Bergeron.

Filho is giving Sonnen a rematch
I’m surprised that Paulo Filho is willing to give Chael Sonnen a rematch so soon. Sure, there’s a bit of controversy from retards who don’t think a guy screaming like a bitch while his arm is being torn off indicates a ‘verbal tap’. But not enough to actually warrant an immediate rematch. This is Brazilian pride fucking with Filho.

Aoki preparing for his next fight
How do we know Aoki is getting ready for another fight? Because he’s gotten in touch with the guy who makes his tights.

Why Ontario sucks
There’s 1001 reasons why Ontario is the armpit of Canada. One of them is the fact that MMA is banned. Here’s the skinny on that.

Matt Lindland’s not coming back to the UFC
Dana White continues to treat anyone remotely associated with the IFL as a social leper, refusing to offer a contract to Matt Lindland.

Forrest Griffin is an a-hole
Everyone always talks about what a chill guy Forrest Griffin is. I’ve had bad experiences with him. So has Luke Thomas. In a way the fact that he can be a complete tool makes me like him even more.

Patrick Cote vs Alan Belcher?
It’s a toss up between some unknown guy and Alan Belcher. I pray it ends up being Cote vs Belcher … what a fucking slugfest that would be.