In a charmingly patronizing move not seen since the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War, the UFC will be attempting to force a Vietnamese authority figure down Chinese throats. UFC President Dana White has cast middleweight Cung Le in the Dana White role for the Ultimate Fighter: China show, which is expected to be filmed in the coming months:

“TUF China is happening,” White said. “(Cung Le) is going to be the ‘me’ in China. He’s there to remind everyone why they’re there and what’s going on. He was in the office two days ago and I walked him through everything with The Ultimate Fighter and he’s ready to go.”

It’s quite charming that the UFC really sees no difference between different varieties of Asian here; the assumption that Chinese fighters would be happy being “motivated” by a Vietnamese person because they are both Asian is not really disguised at all. Will this arrangement be used to justify 100-hour training weeks, crowded dorms, and suicides via gym roof jump? Will the conditioning drills be redesigned to have the fighters produce leather wallets? Hopefully, the obvious diffusion of responsibility at hand here does not reach a dangerous level.