Bisping Crossword
Here’s a question: What do you do with a guy who’s had three middleweight title elimination bouts and lost every one of them? Answer: You create a crossword puzzle that emphasizes the one thing he’s only capable of doing right, trash talk. I would assume it’s frustrating to know that most of the highlight reel knockouts your featured in have you starring as the fallen victim. Yet, that’s the career of one Michael Bisping. So in honor of the greatest middleweight gatekeeper of all-time the UFC created “The Michael Bisping Crossword Puzzle.”
Props to the UFC for creating this ‘one of a kind’ crossword puzzle. What the hell else was going to do on a Friday afternoon at work? Thanks to this ingenious idea I no longer need to worry. With that said, let me know how you do remembering Bisping’s verbal career highlights.


2. On Joseph Benavidez: “He’s the size of my ________.”

6. On Greg Jackson: “Some smug git from New Mexico who can quote the ____ _____”

8. On Anderson vs. Leites: “I’ve seen more aggression from my ____ when she hits the January sales.”

10. On Mayhem Miller: “Miller’s mouth is bigger than his ________.”

11. To Ben Askren: “Please enlighten me _______ brush head”


1. On Alan Belcher: “some gobby, ginger _____ with a Rosie O’Donnell tattoo”

3. On UFC on FOX: “Chael was an absolute ________.”

4. On Brian Stann: “I don’t know if you’ve seen the ________ American Dad, he looks like the lead character.”

5. On Hector Lombard: “Who is this little poison ____?”

7. On Munoz vs. Weidman: “Munoz bounced into the Octagon with a haircut that looks like Belcher’s ________ has switched careers”

9. On Chris Weidman: “I had to switch his fight with Maia off. It was like watching ____ dry.”