With Georges St Pierre whistling innocuously every time people start talking about superfights, it looks like it is time to move on to another possibility. And let’s admit: the better possibility. The real #1 vs #2 in the sport: Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones. Here’s Dana White laying his cards on the table:

“Anderson (Silva) and (Jon) Jones, that’s the fight I want to see,” said White on a recent edition of UFC Tonight when asked what superfight most intrigues him. “If we made that fight and if everything went the right way, Madison Square Garden. Madison Square Garden on our anniversary.”

That would be November, and the fight is coming together to the point where terms are already being thrown around by camps:

Brazil’s SportTV talked to Anderson Silva’s agent, Jorge Guimarães and he said although nothing is confirmed, Silva vs. Jones is on the horizon. Anderson Silva also believes the fight shouldn’t be for the belt (hence the catchweight). Jorge also confirmed that Anderson Silva will defend his title this Summer and a Jones/Silva superfight could happen later in the year, preferably in New York and only at a catchweight of 87kgs (which comes out to about 190 lbs).

For those worried that Jones will pull a Cyborg and refuse to cut so low, I’ve heard rumors that a catchweight is just an excuse to keep titles off the line and not something that will stop the fight from coming together. Although I would be amazed if it isn’t used as a negotiating chip by both parties to shake more PPV points out of Dana White. Hey, so long as this superfight actually comes together, I can put up with two months of Anderson Silva’s patented ‘artistry.’

(poster by the totally amazing Nixson Sysanga)