A little update on the Mirko Crocop signing situation from Josh Gross:

According to several sources I spoke with, Mirko Filipovic is close to finalizing a three-fight deal with Real Entertainment, the production company that runs Dream events for FEG. We can get deep into the weeds with this stuff, but the bottom line is the Croatian is more valuable to Japanese promoters than he is to anyone else. Cro Cop’s agent, Ken Imai, has longstanding ties to the old Pride executives who populate Real Entertainment, and all signs point toward Filipovic ending his career in front of the large, quiet crowds in Saitama, Japan.

So does the fact that the deal isn’t finalized change your opinion of the situation? The Nokaut forum (a great place for insider info on what Crocop is up to as it’s full of Croatians and several guys from Mirko’s camp) is in the middle of an Iran-like uprising as people shit all over Mirko for picking easy fights and running back to Japan. In his defense, former Mirko cornerman Fortunal has stated the issues are a lack of a guaranteed title shot in the first contract even if Mirko wins all his fights, and the frequency of fights the UFC is willing to commit to.