There’s a whole bunch of stuff floating around about the Mirko Crocop free-agency negotiations … or as Dana White likes to call it, the ‘Mirko Crocop fucking me over’ thing. MMA Convert has a good summary of all the pertinent info including a bunch of stuff that makes Mirko sound pretty reasonable in his demands. But as Bill and Ted once said, that’s nothing but dust in the wind. Here’s the meaty final note, from Dana White’s buttboy Kevin Iole:

Cro Cop is absolutely, 100 percent going to fight in DREAM. His quotes were an attempt to save face, because he did not realize that media knew about the situation. He plans to run for political office again in his native Croatia when his fighting days are done and doesn’t want a story in the public that he went back on his word. That, of course, is exactly what he did. He is going to fight for DREAM in July, September and on New Year’s Eve, barring injuries. Bank on that. And also bank on the fact that he will never fight in the UFC again.

I’d just like to point out that I think Kevin is being a terrible journalist (once again) by clearly siding with one side over the other. It’s biased and slanted shit, even for a columnist’s mailbag. That being said, I have no doubt he’s right with his final line: Mirko will never fight in the UFC again. Regardless of what the reality is, Dana is feeling fucked over about this and he’s clearly off the Crocop train.