[youtube UH5NbDnGbHs]

Mirko Crocop was back in action at last weekend’s K-1 event, pulling off a unanimous decision win over the formerly undefeated 25 year old Randy Blake. Here’s what he had to say about the fight:

“I am very pleased with the fight despite the fact that the fight did not get the finish. For the first time since Pride I was aggressive and attacked constantly; in past years that has not been the case. In the UFC I had a feeling that I was ‘frozen’ and mostly I moved away [from opponents], I had a huge mental barrier. Why I cannot explain it any more than that doesn’t matter.

“I think I’ve managed to eliminate the things that are bothering me, both mentally and physically, but no more about it because it was a really strange and complicated story. I feel great, physically and mentally, and I think I’ll take the belt at the end in spite of everything and everyone. And yes, next year I will be perforating in MMA again.”

Maybe that mental barrier Crocop was feeling during his UFC run was the result of getting his ass soundly kicked by several bad motherfuckers. It must be nice to attribute those failings to a simple case of jitters rather than several opponents with superior skills / functioning bodies running roughshod all over you for two and a half years. Whatever keeps you going, Mirko.