Nightmare of Battle has put together a collection of Mirko’s retirement talk, which seems to swing from “You’ll have pry my checkered tights off my cold dead crotch” to the Lethal Weapon favorite “I’m too old for this shit.” The point? To convince people that Mirko’s latest comments were taken out of context or at least blown out of proportion.

“I will retire if I don’t win the OWGP” – 2006

“Streamers and confetti fell from the roof of the Super Arena as Cro Cop fell to his knees overcome with emotion. He declared the day as the best of his life, and revealed shortly afterwards that had he failed to win the tournament he was planning to retire from MMA.” – September, 2006

“The Fight Network is reporting Mirko Cro Cop will retire following the final four fights on his UFC contract. In a press conference with media prior to UFC 70, Cro Cop stated his desire to return to his duties with the Croatian special police force. Mirko is scheduled to fight at UFC 75 in London. His opponent for the English event is currently unknown.” – April, 2007

“I will take UFC belt and retire thats for sure” – 2007

“Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic announced today on Croatian television his intentions to retire from mixed martial arts after his contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship expires – Cro Cop says he has four fights remaining on his contract with the Las Vegas-based promotion, beginning with his next fight he confirmed for September 8’s UFC 75 in London, England. – May, 2007

“The Croatian heavyweight says he has five or six fights left before he calls time on his MMA career but said his recent defeats in the Octagon did leave him questioning his future. He told his official website: “I did think of retiring the night after my last defeat, but I’m not going to end my career soon.” November, 2007

“I have many things to say. What you could easily guess by now is that I won’t be retiring. I’ll keep on fighting, it’s my life, it’s what I do.” – February, 2008

“As a sportsman, I don’t think about this. But sometime I’ll have to retire. Let’s hope not in the next 3-4 years.” – April, 2008

I’ve never really payed attention to fighters ‘retiring’ since so many come and go so often that it’s hard to keep track. I just ‘retire’ fighters from my heart so they can’t hurt me any more with their geriatric performances. Crocop ain’t quite there yet, but I got a feeling he’s getting close.