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There’s a video from a few months back of Mirko Crocop talking about Chael Shoonen that’s making the blog and forum rounds again. We posted about it back then, but Crocop’s gonna be fighting Roy Nelson next weekend and it’s not like we have tons of positive Mirko news to share leading up to that. So why not reshare this?

When I was on UFC event last time I talked to some high ranked UFC official asking about this guy and saying: is he really crazy or just hungry for shameless promotion? The guy at UFC told me: He’s both. So that says it all. he is both a crazy person and hungry of promotion.I’m not angry or anything at Sonnen, but I will say one thing, I hope nobody gets offended, I dont wanna sound disgusting and I am certainly not fan of any anthropologic theories, but you can see on that guy’s face that he is limited and stupid and he has the IQ of a child’s shoe size. His way of communication, his idiotic talks and mockery about legends such as Minotauro, Fedor, Wanderlei Silva and me, the people whose fame he will NEVER reach. I can’t be mad at him because he doesn’t understand some things, like a little child. To be angry at him would be equal for me being angry at my little son who does funky things around the house all the time.

I can’t believe that somebody would take this guy seriously. He barks like the dog, desperately trying to promote his fights because he doesn’t know any other way, certainly not with his fights. He graduated with a degree in bullshitting. So he is not an ordinary idiot, he is an idiot that has diploma in bullshitting. This is democracy, any idiot can say whatever they want. I just wish if he had 20 kilos more (40+ pounds more), I would kick his ass so hard that the steam would be blowing out of his rude ass. Or maybe if he comes in Croatia as a tourist one of these days, I hope to find him at the beach and make a little “conversation with him”.

There’s a certain spice to translated shit-talkings that will never get old. “Chael, he is opening the mouth and out comes these shits! I am disappoint.”