Strikeforce has a pretty shitty record when it comes to treating Cris Cyborg well. They dicked her around for almost a year on a contract renewal and have treated her as persona non grata since she popped positive for steroids last year. But this right here is a new low:

“I watched all fights but on the last one, Ronda’s, a woman working on the event [a Zuffa employee -FL] came to tell me I had to leave because the commission doesn’t accept suspended athletes on the shows. My manager talked to the guys at the commission and there’s really a law that says that. I was upset for the way they treated me. They could’ve pulled me on a corner and told me, not in front of the fans. I was taking pictures and they interrupted me, saying I had to go. It was very disrespectfuly. I believe a champion deserves to be treated with respect. Everyone knows an athlete’s life isn’t easy, so all fighters deserve respect. When I was in Brazil I watched UFC and there was no problem”, explained.

What? Suspended fighters aren’t allowed to watch MMA events live? Since when? If that’s a real rule, I’ve never heard of it being enforced. Even if it was the commission’s call and not Strikeforce’s, someone should have stood up for her. If I was Cris Cyborg, I would have grabbed that chick and twisted her goddamn head off. And then tweeted that I wanted Strikeforce to release me from my contract. A former Strikeforce champion got thrown out of a Strikeforce show. Pretty pathetic.