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A lot of people were pretty shocked when Tito Ortiz announced that Cris Cyborg was asking to be released from her UFC contract, to the point where many reported it as an unconfirmed fact. Is it just posturing during negotiations? Was Tito really speaking for Cris? To clear things up, here’s Lady Cyborg herself talking about it:

“I talk with Cheeto and we talk about UFC or not and we think better I should 145 and maybe 140 if for catchweight for fight with Ronda. And but for now we try release from Zuffa so we can fight other games you know? [Re Invicta] Yeah I dunno. When I have helease from UFC I thinking can more opportunity for me and me and Cheeto can talk as see better for me opportunities.”

She also promised ‘a superfight soon’ but there aren’t exactly a lot of superfight-caliber women in the sport right now let alone at 145 pounds. The only contender I can think of is three-division world boxing champion and Mike Winklejohn protege Holly Holm, who is debuting for Bellator on February 28th and has fought at 147 pounds during her boxing career. Properly marketed, that could be a pretty big fight.

It could also be the kind of thing the UFC wouldn’t want to let happen, so let’s see if they actually decide to release her. Keeping Cris locked into a contract with a league that isn’t even promoting fights at her weight division is almost as evil as the shit Bellator is doing to Eddie Alvarez, but the UFC has shown in the past they’re more than willing to bench fighters rather than let them jump to rival promotions.