2011 was not a good year for Cris Cyborg. Her only fight was ruled a no contest after she tested positive for steroids, and everyone decided she is and always has been a cheater. Now we’re learning that her marriage to fellow grizzled Chute Boxe warrior Evangelista Cyborg Santos also ended in 2011. From a post Cris made on Brazilian sports forum UOL:

“After six years of dedication to love and to happiness of marriage, I would like to inform [everyone] that since December of 2011, Evangelista Cyborg and I are living our lives separately,” she wrote.

“I’d like to thank all friends for words of support during this period. No matter how hard it feels never give up on your dreams and never give up in love!“

Well that’s a positive way to phrase your divorce announcement. That’s what Hendo should have said when they caught him taking home that bar-bait. “I’ll never give up on love, dammit! Never!”

I hope this puts some things in perspective for you too, dear reader. Cris Cyborg was able to find true love even after her pectorals ate her breasts and her vagina turned into another set of abs. If you haven’t been able to, what the hell is wrong with you??? Something I’d like you to think about while you spend this upcoming Valentine’s day sad and alone.