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One armed fighter Nick Newell just won his 8th pro fight, bringing his sterling record up to 8-0. And ain’t this last one a doozy. After loosening his opponent up with kicks and stump strikes, he goes in for the kill with a brutal knee. According to Jim Genia, that puts him in line for the XFL lightweight belt. According to Dana White, he’s still got a ways to prove he can hang in the UFC:

“I think it’s hard to fight in the UFC with two arms. I never say never to anything. There are amazing people out there who have accomplished incredible things.”

Missing half an arm doesn’t seem like that crazy of an impediment. The guy’s three and a half limbs ahead of Kyle Maynard after all. And everyone who’s been around grappling long enough has heard stories of crazy gimps with missing limps choking the hell out of people left and right. Hell, Joe Riggs even urinated on one of them out of spite after getting manhandled during training. And then there’s this guy:

Bottom line: disabled people can do anything us able bodied people can do. Or sometimes even more. Like that guy who’s competing in the Olympics with fiberglass springs for legs. Where’s Ussain Bolt’s fiberglass springs??? Maybe soon we’ll see someone compete in the 400m dash with a hot rod attached to their lower torso, and I will die a happy man knowing that Rat Fink was science fiction.