[youtube EmiPY9V3pII]

Unlike those throwaway cards on free cable, Zuffa actually makes commercials and such for its PPV events.  Apropos, I invite you to enjoy the “Countdown to UFC 160” show in three parts.  Above is “Act I: Finding Bigfoot”, in which we’re basically told there’s a good chance that Bigfoot Silva’s rematch against Cain Velasquez will somehow go differently than the first.  It’s not like they made this fight because Overeem shat the bed and there’s currently no better options for challengers.  No, nothing like that.

After the jump, “Act II: Have You Seen Mike Mark Hunt?”  He’s kinda fat, but godDAMN does he hit hard.

[youtube –6xjnRc6g4]

And finally, “Act III: The Big Te-Huna”.  I’ll show myself out.

[youtube nrSTrmFsWbY]