(pic by Esther Lin for MMA Fighting)

The ongoing sweepstakes to meet Daniel Cormier and win a brief ride high into the air has claimed its share of losers. Frank Mir was set to fight the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner—let’s all take a moment to remember how we thought that one would go—before he pulled out with a knee injury. This weekend Matt Mitrione declined to step in, prompting Dana White to diagnose him as “[fudging] insane.”

Now Cormier has taken booking into his own hands, launching a Twitter campaign to fight Pat Barry:

It is true that both Barry and Cormier are from Louisiana. In other regards, however, they are not an obvious match. Barry has lost three of his last four. One of those was to zombie Cheick Kongo and another was to the increasingly impressive Stefan Struve, but at 4-5 in the UFC, Barry looks like a heavyweight gatekeeper. Cormier, on the other hand, is theoretically the best Strikeforce has to offer.

In this regard, his challenge to Barry makes a sort of sense. If we are to believe that Strikeforce functions as a Toledo Mud Hens to the UFC’s Major League Baseball, it stands to reason that the best Strikeforce heavyweights would fight guys from the lower end of the UFC’s division. Pat Barry is no Frank Mir, but maybe the guys who step down to Strikeforce aren’t supposed to be.

He’s also a fun striker. The Dana White who wants to use Strikeforce to build the Ultimate Fighting brand might consider how Cormier-Barry would look to new fans, as opposed to the technically interesting wrestler/jiu jitsu player matchup that was Cormier-Mir. In the meeting of Cormier and Barry, somebody is likely to get suplexed, and somebody else is likely to get kicked in the head.

It’s been a late summer of matchups that offer more entertainment value than competitive interest. Why not ride it on into autumn? I’m for Cormier-Barry 2012. It may not be a meaningful fight, but it would be totally [fudging] fun.