Urijah Faber’s new book ‘The Laws of the Ring’ just came out on Monday and to celebrate we’re holding a contest where the lucky winners will receive a shiny new copy! Here’s how it works: write a short (1-3 paragraph) love letter / story to or about Urijah Faber. To make it a little tougher for you jackals, no Tourettes and no penetration. Stories will be judged by a HIGHLY QUALIFIED PANEL OF EXPERTS with the following specifications in mind: romancingness, Faberliciousness, and SoCalitude.

Winners will be selected on Monday, so get those creative juices flowing. Finally a chance to express your adoration of Urijah Faber in a manner that won’t result in a restraining order!

You can submit your entries in the comments section of this post (you don’t need to register to participate any more!) or via email to [email protected] Sorry to all our fans in Botswana, the prize is only available to continental US peeps.