Ok, this is the contest.

Filthy Tom Lawlor is planning a special walk in for his weigh-in on Monday. He is keeping it a secret. The only hint he is giving out is that only hardcore fans will get it. You must correctly guess what Lawlor is cooking up for this weigh in.

You have until 2PM EST Monday May 14th to put your answer in this thread. if more than one person guesses correctly, only the person that posted first will win.

The prize: A 6 month subscription to UFC.tv!! You will have access to all the fights in HD that the UFC has in their vault for 6 months.

Runner up gets a digitally autographed picture of a casting or Ryans nuts. Good thing there is no second place.

WILDCARD: If nobody guesses correctly I will choose the entry that made me laugh the most. I might ask a random Jackal for help if this is the case cause I have no sense of humor.