Ibragim Todashev was the Chechnyan MMA fighter shot dead by the FBI last week during an interview examining his links to Boston Marathon bomber Tamarlen Tsarnaev. He is either a partner in crime who helped murder three other Bostonians back in 2011 or a patsy the FBI was trying to coerce into a confession when he flipped out and got shot. Yeah, I’m back on the conspiracy theory bandwagon. At the very least, all the conflicting stories have me thinking it’s too early to assume ANYTHING. Check this local FOX affiliate report out:

During the interview, investigators took notes and everything appeared to be going well. Eventually, Todashev was asked to write down, in his own handwriting and in his own words, what he had been telling authorities about his role in the murders when in the words of one source – all hell broke loose.

Todashev allegedly began writing, but then flipped a table over, knocking the Boston FBI agent into the wall hitting his head.

FOX 25’s Bob Ward was told the agent looked up to see Todashev waving in his direction what was described as a Banzai ceremonial sword.

Fearing for his life, the FBI agent drew his weapon and fatally shot Todashev. The entire incident taking only seconds.

Now the local NBC affiliate’s report:

Sources said Todashev might have been lunging toward a sword, but he was not in possession of it.

Officials said Todashev pushed a table and possibly threw a chair.

Sources said a sword was inside the apartment, but the weapon was moved to the corner of the room before questioning began. Law enforcement said when Todashev lunged, the FBI agent believed he could have possibly been going for his gun or the sword in the room, and that’s when the agent opened fire.

Earlier reports had the FBI agent stabbed twice. So he went from being straight up stabbed to shooting the guy because he had a sword to shooting the guy because he may have been moving towards the sword. It will be interesting to see where the story finally settles. Will we ever know for sure what exactly happened in that room? Probably not, considering it was all law enforcement except for the dude who is now dead. But we can at least find out if there is more evidence than the confession the FBI were trying to get Todashev to write that the guy was actually involved in that triple murder in Boston.